How to use Free Software to learn Japanese, and more.


June 17, 2021 — Tatsumoto

This is Tatsumoto's AJATT FAQ. You can search questions you're interested in if you press Ctrl+f.

Note: This article has been replaced and will not be updated anymore. All updates and additions will be posted here.

How to learn Japanese?

Who can teach me Japanese?

What's immersion?

What's input and output?

How important is passive immersion?

What's fluency?

What's AJATT?

Should I read the AJATT site?

Should I watch anime with English subtitles?

If someone has watched anime with English subs for thousands of hours before starting to learn Japanese, how much of a head start does that give them?

I am struggling to switch from English to Japanese media.

Is it harmful to always have TL subtitles on?

Pausing. How often should I look things up?

Isn't 18 hours each day quite a lot?

What good things are there to watch for a complete beginner?

How does the space between words function in Japanese? In English you have a space between words but I can't see that in Japanese.

Kanji in the current year

Is it OK to create mnemonics to help remember kanji readings?

I did RRTK but my kanji ability still feels shaky. Should I do the JP1K?

I can only recall kanji when in the context of the specific sentence I learned it in. How do I fix this?

What are the downsides of using WaniKani?

I just quit WaniKani after learning 1,300 kanji. Should I do JP1K or just jump into sentence mining?

Is JAV good for immersion?

Should I limit how much dubbed content I immerse with? What are the downsides of dubbed content?

How to look up words on web pages?

How do I look up words when I read manga?

Is SuperMemo better than Anki?

What time of day should I do Anki?

Is there a "bare minimum" amount of Anki you would recommend to people who hate Anki?

Is there a way to view the cards I have failed the most times on Anki?

What is a 1T sentence?

What do you think of "animecards" (high quality vocab cards)?

How should I go about making cards for words that are written identically but pronounced differently?

Anki to immersion ratio. How much time should I spend SRSing?

What should I be "doing" while actively immersing?

What is the minimum to maintain fluency?

How should I divide my study time?

Does time spent in Anki count as immersion time?

How many new cards to learn each day?

Should I read sentences aloud when doing Anki reps?

How to make monolingual TSCs for vocab and grammar?

How to review and grade TSCs?

How should I review monolingual word cards?

Is there a Japanese syntax parser similar to but with no English?

Should I learn kanji forms of words usually written in kana?

If a word has more than one kanji spellings, which do I mine?

How can I improve at reading Japanese names?

Do you have any thoughts about struggling with katakana-words while immersing?

Can I use Netflix to learn Japanese?

How to start reading as a beginner?

Thoughts on reading before listening?

Why does premature reading cripple phonetic awareness?

Given that reading can harm pronunciation, when is the ideal time to become an avid reader?

How much listening should I do before I start reading?

Itazuraneko recommends reading Yotsubato with a specific reading pack. Is that still a good way to get started with reading?

What's more harmful: early output or letting your reading ability get too far ahead of your listening ability?

In order to increase my reading speed, should I force myself to start skimming?

Should I use a smaller font when reading to get used to small fonts?

What about reading physical books?

Should I buy a Kindle to read Japanese books?

Should I trust Cure Dolly and "Organic Japanese"?

Should I trust mattvsjapan and the "Refold" site?

How much more efficient is AJATT than Refold?

Did you track your daily immersion hours during your hardcore phase?

How broad or narrow is a "domain" of language?

How to extract audio from immersion content for passive listening?

I only do passive immersion and things aren't working, what's wrong?

Watching raw or watching with Japanese subs?

When do I make a card and when do I just keep going?

I'm not motivated and don't enjoy learning Japanese, is it still worth my time?

When and how to go about dropping the SRS?

What do you think of the Core 6K deck? Is it a good replacement for the Tango decks?

Is studying grammar required?

Should I read through Tae Kim while going through the Tango decks?

Tae Kim: is "essential grammar" enough?

I'm a beginner. Do you recommend learning the "advanced grammar" within Tae Kim's grammar guide?

Should I make cards for grammar to study in my SRS?

When should I change my devices to Japanese?

Should I up my active immersion?

I have many bad habits due to being forced to prematurely output for many years in school. How should I go about fixing these bad habits?

Is it more efficient to stick to one genre/domain instead of jumping around?

As a beginner should I study tongue placement and imitate native speakers or should I just listen?

How to approach words with multiple meanings?

What do you think of using MCDs to train production?

How do I get corrections from native speakers?

How to develop a personality in your L2?

How to do monolingual RTK?

I'm struggling with kanji while working through Tango decks. Should I go through RTK?

I just learned that I was reviewing the KanjiTransition deck completely wrong. What should I do from here?

How to learn readings after finishing isolated kanji study?

I forget kanji readings in sentences. Should I use furigana?

Do your Tango decks have audio or text on the front? Which way is better?

How to rep audio-based sentence cards?

Thoughts on Khatz's "multiplexed input"

Should I put English translations on Bilingual TSCs?

Passive immersion playlist structure?

Thoughts on listening to podcasts while playing a video game?

Is it OK to make cards for sentences I don't fully understand?

What are your current thoughts on removing cards once they pass a certain interval?

I would like to start adding pitch accent to my cards. How should I grade the cards once I add pitch accent?

Google or Microsoft IME?

How do I add a directory to the PATH?

How do I make a file executable?

How to change note types?

How to change the font in an entire Anki deck?

What are your current thoughts on Morphman? Do you recommend it?

Is listening to text-to-speech bad?

As a beginner learning Japanese through anime, should I lower the speed to hear the words better or should I leave it at normal speed?

MorphMan for the monolingual transition?

How would you go about learning programming?

Should I use pictures instead of English definitions?

How much progress can I expect in a year?

When should I make the monolingual transition?

Is learning to understand Kansai-ben difficult?

Can I get fluent with 1 hour a day?

I want to learn a difficult language (Japanese) and an easy language (Spanish). Should I learn them at the same time?

What is your opinion on learning an L3 by using L2 resources ("laddering")?

How do you learn how to write Japanese?

Should I limit how many sentences I mine from a single source?

Should I make mnemonics to learn new words?

How do Japanese people pronounce “?” and “!”?

What is the カ゚ symbol I see in dictionaries?

How to type the ¥ symbol with Fcitx?

How much reading is required to counteract not SRSing?

What Japanese documentaries do you recommend?

What do you think about graded readers?

Why should I avoid Discord, Reddit, 4chan, etc.?

How do I change language in Telegram to Japanese?

Are there any language learning YouTubers that you like? What YouTubers do you like in general?

What are your thoughts on timeboxing?

What is the anime you mined the most?

How many water bottles do you go through in a day?

How many reps did you do a day on average?

How strict were you about ALL Japanese ALL the time?

How has learning Japanese changed your outlook on language learning?

Do you still watch anime?

Have you talked to Khatzumoto?

What are your plans regarding moving to Japan?

Do you play video games? Are video games good for immersion?

Have you ever had any plateaus? What to do when you're stuck?

What operating system do you use?

Top 10 anime of all time?

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