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What is Rikaitan Search?

January 27, 2023 — Tatsumoto Ren

Rikaitan Search is a dictionary search tool that can be used in the web browser. It lets you use Rikaitan similarly to Qolibri, but in addition it can parse and analyze entire sentences.

Install Rikaitan if you haven't already. After you set it up, you can access Rikaitan Search by pressing Alt+Insert or by clicking yomichan-settings on the toolbar and pressing "Search".

It has a clipboard monitor which is something I use all the time. When enabled, it listens for changes in the system clipboard and automatically pastes text from the clipboard to the search page. Mpvacious was made to be paired together with Rikaitan Search. Rikaitan Search is also quite handy when mining from manga and reading books.

Alternatives to Rikaitan Search are:

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