How to use Free Software to learn Japanese, and more.


May 17, 2021 — Tatsumoto

This is the Ajatt-Tools Resources List. With the help of our community we've gathered the links to help you in your Japanese studies. We prioritize libre software and content that you can download for free. Everyone is welcome to suggest more resources in our chat.







  • JLPT Grammar List. Covers grammar for all JLPT levels.
  • 問題検索室. Search JLPT questions by keyword.
  • JTest4You. Practice tests and resources by JLPT levels.
  • JLPT文法解説まとめ. Introduces you to grammar patterns that exist in JLPT. This site is much better than the rest and probably the best free way to learn grammar used in the JLPT exam.

Examples and pronunciations

Sometimes you might find yourself in a situation where you want to add a word to your SRS but the example sentence you've found the word in is too complicated or you've lost it because you forgot to save it. In such cases sites with example sentences come to rescue.

  • Massif. Allows you to search over 30 million unique Japanese sentences.
  • Sentence Search. Contains voiced sentences from various premade decks. Grab an offline version here.
  • Weblio英語例文検索. Made for Japanese people learning English but can be used in reverse.
  • Forvo. Has many words pronounced in isolation but not so many sentences.
  • YouGlish for Japanese
  • 用例.jp
  • Reverso
  • I don't recommend Jisho because it suggest sentences from Tatoeba. Many of them come from non-native speakers.

Immersion material

Don't use streaming sites and sites for reading manga online if possible. Always download what you consume. Storing immersion material locally makes mining substantially easier.

Torrent trackers

  • Nyaa. A torrent site with anime, manga, light novels and Japanese dramas. Contains 98% of what you need to actually learn Japanese.

    Unfortunately, Nyaa is blocked in some countries, and because there's no Tor address, and they block all Tor access, we have to use mirrors. Currently there's only one working mirror I know, Nyaa ISS.

  • Rutracker. Another torrent site. Has lots of Japanese movies, dramas and anime. Ongoing anime gets uploaded with a noticeable delay. Refer to Nyaa first if you watch ongoings.

    This site can be accessed through Tor.

  • Animebytes. A private tracker. Offers content similar to what you find on Nyaa ISS.

  • AvistaZ. A private tracker for Asian movies and TV-shows.

  • JPTV.CLUB. Another private tracker. You can join if you have accounts on other private trackers.

  • anisource. An aggregate site for high quality raws from Raws-4U, スカー Raws and Leopard-Raws.


  • Animelon. Watch anime with Japanese subtitles.
  • Anjsub. A site similar to Animelon.
  • B9GOOD. Watch raw anime online.
  • Another anime streaming site. You can switch between audio and subtitle tracks in multiple languages.
  • AQStream. Watch Japanese TV.
  • BiliBili. A Chinese website with a bunch of TV shows.
  • jp.m3u. A m3u playlist with Japanese IPTV channels which you can open in mpv. You can switch channels in mpv by pressing < and >.
  • Japanese Youtube channels with japanese subtitles
  • Lets you watch a live stream with news, but you have to allow to run an obscene amount of nonfree JavaScript code. To avoid running nonfree JS, watch the stream in mpv by creating a desktop shortcut.
  • keylabo. Similarly to News24, lists a number of channels you can watch online. Unfortunately, not all of them can be opened in mpv.





Visual Novels and Games

There's a list of visual novels on Arch Wiki. Beware that most games that exist today are proprietary. Proprietary software should not exist and should not be used if you want to have freedom.

Japanese boards

You may need a Japanese IP address for some of these.

Japanese subtitles




  • LibreWolf. A web browser based on Firefox that comes with an Ad Block by default. You can find it in AUR.
  • Anki A free/libre flashcard application.
  • Sxiv. An image viewer perfect for reading manga.
  • zathura. A minimalistic document viewer. Can be used to read novels.
  • foliate. A simple and modern eBook viewer. Package.
  • Trackma. Track your immersion on one of the supported sites.
  • subs2srs. Takes video files and subtitle files and creates cards with screenshots and/or audio for each line in the sub file. Also useful for batch extracting audio from videos.




mpv is the best video player for language learning.

Make Anki cards in mpv:


With mpd you can listen to condensed audio, audiobooks and Japanese music.


  • qBittorrent. A free/libre torrent client alternative to µTorrent.
  • Megatools. A command line client for Mega.
  • youtube-dl. A command-line program that lets you download videos and audio from YouTube and more than a thousand other sites.
  • mangadesk. Download manga directly from your terminal.
  • HakuNeko. A cross-platform downloader for manga and anime from various websites.

Subtitle retiming

Tools for condensing audio

  • impd. Create condensed audio and automatically rotate your mpd playlist.
  • subs2cia

Tools for extracting audio


I urge everyone to reject mobile phones because they're surveillance tools. If you do own a cellphone, be sure to install F-Droid, which is an application catalog for libre programs. Get rid of Google Play by flashing a new ROM or by rooting your phone and deleting all Google applications. Don't buy iThings, you can't run a free OS on them.

  • Mozc for Android. A Japanese Input Method Editor (IME) for typing Japanese text on a phone.
  • AnkiDroid. A free/libre flashcard application, Android version.
  • Jidoujisho. A mobile video player tailored for Japanese language learners.
  • VLC. A fast and user-friendly video player for Android.
  • AntennaPod. A podcast player for Android.
  • Audio players.
  • Typhon Reader. An EPUB reader for Android that lets you look up words as you read, similarly to Yomichan. Also supports EPWING dictionaries.
  • OCR Manga Reader. Android Manga reader with Japanese OCR and dictionary capabilities. Supports EPWING monolingual dictionaries.
  • Tachiyomi. Free/libre manga reader for Android.



Yomichan is a browser extension that lets you easily look up unknown words.





The quality of machine translation is very low. Don't use it for anything serious. You've been warned.

Pitch accent

Language guides


How to learn Japanese on your own, having fun and to fluency.

Notable articles:


  • Includes links to the Amazon website. Amazon is known for spying on and politically suppressing its users.
  • Contains outdated information.
  • Talks about MCD, which is a flashcard format that hasn't received much adoption over the years due to being too difficult and complicated.
  • Advertises unnecessary paid products.


A site founded by a successful ajatter after becoming fluent. The method is designed to be applicable to any language.

Notable articles:


  • The site doesn't work (the menu breaks) unless you enable JavaScript.
  • Recommends and includes links to proprietary spyware such as Hellotalk, Tandem, Bilingua, Netflix, Migaku, etc.
  • Includes instructions on how to join their Discord server. Discord is known for spying on and politically suppressing its users.
  • Collects Email addresses which is to say the least suspicious.


A collection of guides for those interested in learning Japanese.


  • Includes links to nonfree software.
  • Includes links to Discord servers. Discord is known for spying on and politically suppressing its users.
  • Contains outdated information.


A site on how to learn English. Made by Poles who learned English to native-level fluency. What they used to learn English can be applied for learning any other language, including Japanese.

Notable articles:

TheMoeWay and AnimeCards

Unfortunately, these two sites are clearly made with Windows users in mind, but maybe you'll find useful language learning advice there.


  • The sites try to deny the importance of freedom and legitimize proprietary software.
  • They include instructions for playing visual novels. Most visual novels should be avoided since they are proprietary.
  • They mention software that requires proprietary operating systems to run.
  • They include links to Discord servers. Discord is known for spying on and politically suppressing its users.
  • Both sites recommend "anime cards". In my opinion, TSC is the most efficient way to combine Anki with immersion.


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