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What's AJATT?

October 27, 2022 — Tatsumoto

AJATT stands for All Japanese All The Time. It's a method of reaching fluency in Japanese in a relatively short period of time. It encourages doing as much Japanese as you can every day, immersing yourself in the language and culture of Japan without having to go to the country, take classes or use outdated and boring textbooks. This means that the shortest path to fluency is to make Japanese a part of your everyday life. The AJATT method involves learning the language mainly through a combination of reading and listening. This could involve watching Japanese movies and TV shows, reading Japanese books and manga. The method states that fun and learning are a great combination, that Japanese should not be turned into "work" or "study", and that enjoying the process is absolutely essential. If the process is not fun, one should stop now or figure a way to make it fun. AJATT was created by a person named Khatzumoto in 2006.

Some aspects of the method include Stephen Krashen's Input Hypothesis, learning kanji through KanjiTransition, using the SRS to help remember new words and phrases, the focus on learning sentences instead of vocabulary and grammar.

AJATT was influenced by Antimoon, another input-based language learning method. While Antimoon focuses on learning English, AJATT revolves around Japanese. Later on AJATT influenced many other language learning methods. This site is also heavily inspired by AJATT. AJATT can also be applicable for learning any language if Japanese-specific parts are replaced.

While doing AJATT I came up with new ideas no one else talked about and made some tools that make learning languages easier. My goal is to bring AJATT's insights to a larger audience and continue updating and improving the method.

To start learning with the AJATT method, read our Table of Contents.

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