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Ankidrone Sentence Pack

September 07, 2021 — Tatsumoto Ren

Ankidrone Sentence Pack is an Anki deck that contains over 44,000 Japanese sentence with native audio. This deck is not to be learned from back to back, its purpose is to aid you in finding example sentences for your targeted sentence cards.

There are times when you want to mine a new word you've found in your immersion but the sentence it appears in is not 1T for you. In such situations you can either make a SWC or search in a sentence bank. I encourage you to build your own sentence bank using tools like subs2srs or mpvacious. If you don't have a bank yet, Ankidrone Sentence Pack is going to be a good starting point and the first building block of your bank.

The deck is a complete offline copy of the Sentence Search website. The list of sentences used on the site can be found here. Each sentence has a tag that indicates the underlying source.

Audio files were converted from mp3 to a superior Opus format to save disk space. Anki supports Opus on both PC and Android.

Sentence Search contains sentences from the Core10k deck (iKnow, core10k) and Tango decks, thus this data is also present in Ankidrone Sentence Pack. If you already have these decks in your collection, delete the duplicates after importing the deck.


If you have a different profile to store your sentence bank, use Cross Profile Search And Import to copy cards from the bank profile to your main profile.

This deck is not a replacement for Ankidrone Starter Pack. It doesn't contain dictionary definitions. I recommend you start with Ankidrone Starter Pack if you're a beginner.

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